Planet and people


The love for what we do and the respect for the people who are involved in our organization, is what makes MOS MOSH truly unique - all the way from production to final product. Our factories underlie an ethical code of conduct, that ensures fair wages and working conditions for anyone involved in the production of our collections.


We source and use high quality fabrics and fibers including those which are considered to be less impactful on our environment. We do our best to stay in the loop regarding new, sustainable initiatives and opportunities and we understand the importance of being innovative and taking action in regard to a less impactful fashion future.


We believe in good craftsmanship, lasting quality and innovative designs that our customers can love for years to come. Perfect fits, luxurious fabrics and a love for the small details is what define our collections.


89% of our garments were produced within Europe in 2018. This means we are able to meet high quality standards and legislations within the field of sustainability and ethics in the production compared to conventional means. Keeping our production close to us also means less ressources spent in transportation contexts.